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Aluminum Siding

Eco Friendly


We are committed to using resources that can be indefinitely recycled. Each piece is finished with two-coats of environmentally-friendly acrylic Environ paint that is low-VOC and virtually maintenance free.

Aluminum siding is fire-proof, termite-proof, fade resistant, and because it resists corrosion and moisture it won't red-rust, rot, split, warp or crack. The durable acrylic finish will not peel, flake or blister.

Rollex has aluminum siding in a style to fit your home's architectural character. Select from the styles designed to give you the appearance of natural wood board sidings, without the costly and time consuming maintenance of actual wood siding.

Product Overview

AL13 Panels are custom-cut to fit and snap together on-site, saving time and money. The system does not require prefabrication and can be installed on any type of structure. This system differs from other Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) systems in that it is a tab-over system. The panels are secured by snap-lock fasteners. Panels are not welded or formed during construction. This allows for each panel to expand and contract across a broad temperature spectrum without causing buckling or oil-canning.



If you are looking to add natural wood siding or soffits to your next project but are concerned about the durability and longevity of using a wood product, the v-line system is the choice for you. AL13 V-Line is made entirely of aluminum and is securely fastened to the substrate. It will never sag, peel or crack like traditional soffit applications.

It provides the look of traditional wood siding with all the added structural and durability benefits of metal. AL13 V-Line siding material is abit more expensive then other but in the installation price is a built-in rainscreen system. This is approximately double the cost of a traditional wood siding such as cedar. However, where cedar and other wood siding products require regular maintenance every 5-7 years if not more often, the longevity of aluminium siding far outweighs that of wood. AL13 V-Line Siding is a main competitor to aluminum Longboard Siding.

AL13 Panels are available in a wide variety of finishes including six wood grain stains and over 40 standard solid and metallic colors. Use one or use combinations to achieve any modern look you desire.


Sagiper PVC Siding


SAGIWALL is heavy gauge PVC tongue & groove panel wrapped in a high quality, highly durable exterior vinyl coating, used specifically for exterior siding. SAGIWALL is easily installed and has a high resistance to UV rays, water absorption and humidity and is impenetrable to insects. It also has a low expansion and contraction, coefficient making it ideal for North America’s variation in weather temperatures.


Why Sagiper?

  • Lifetime Warranty for Interior Applications

  • 15 year Warranty for Exterior Applications

  • Maintenance Free PVC panels are stocked at 12′ lengths. Panels are also available from Sagiper North America at 19′ lengths and can be manufactured in custom lengths with multiple wood grains and solid metallic finishes to choose from.

  • Certified in Canada for non-combustible and combustible buildings up to 6 stories in height.

  • Perfect for high humidity areas and ideal near the coastline where sea-spray is often the culprit of corrosion to exterior metals and wood products.

  • Impenetrable to insects.

  • Fast and easy installation – tongue and groove with hidden fasteners.

  • Absorbs 97% UV radiation, increasing the longevity of the PVC core and eliminates any fading or discoloring.

  • Highly durable exterior panels that can be used in many different applications such as: Siding, Soffits, covered decks, front veranda areas, interior ceilings (basements, bathrooms, coffered ceilings), interior walls (feature walls) etc.

  • Highly durable exterior polymer film repels dirt and is easy to clean. Even graffiti is easily removed.

LongBoard Aluminum siding


Longboard Siding/Soffit is a brand of premium architectural grade aluminum woodgrain cladding commonly used for contemporary residential and commercial projects. Over the years, it has become a standard alternative to other natural wood cladding materials, such as cedar siding, and is often used in exterior renovation projects.


This beautiful material can provide a natural wood look (a high performance powder coat finish) and lifetime maintenance free durability. Its number one selling feature is that it will never rot, peel or fade which is highly sought after qualities in our rough Manitoba climate! Other benefits include that it is a non-combustible siding material adding safety to your home, is fire code compliant, as well as impervious to insects and other pests.


Longboard Siding Profile

Longboard siding is available in a wide variety of natural wood grain textures and solid colors. The profile thickness is 1.57-1.78mm. Both the Longboard siding and Longboard soffit materials are available in either 4’’ or 6’’ exposures, although for the siding of exterior walls you can chose between V-grove and Channel profiles. Both also come in 24 ft long pieces and come with a trim/reveal system (inside and outside corners, j-channels) from the same matching coated aluminum to achieve a beautiful, modern yet timeless look.

Longboard Soffit Installation

Longboard cladding is often considered to be the best quality product available to achieve a wood look, whether its used to highlight contemporary style elements or to maintain a traditional look on a home with zero of the upkeep costs that other wood siding materials require.


The company offers a 15 year warranty on the coating alone.


Longboard siding costs approximately double the cost of a traditional wood siding such as cedar. However, where cedar and other wood siding products require regular maintenance every 5-7 years if not more often, the longevity of aluminium siding far outweighs that of wood. 


Lifetime Cost of Longboard Vs. Wood

Longboard cladding requires a custom order for each project. Approximate delivery time from the date of ordering is 4 weeks. After a project is completed, any extra materials are not returnable which is why it is important to hire a trusted contractor (Pinessee Exteriors) that is accurate with the ordering and installation of materials to minimize excessive waste.

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