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Fiber Cement Siding (Hardie Board)


All of the benefits of fiber cement combine to give it one of the best benefits in the siding industry-longevity. Fiber cement is a composite of cement, wood fiber and other additives which are not only sustainable materials, but ones that withstand the weather, wear, and insects compared to other siding materials. While the upfront costs of fiber cement may be higher compared to vinyl or aluminum, pro-rating those on an annual basis over 50+ years actually makes for a more affordable deal. In fact the highly recommended fiber cement Product is proven to be the best blend of cost, durability, and environmental impact.

Versatility in Styles


Fiber cement offers a striking beauty just in the material makeup alone. Compound the natural looks with advanced manufacturing methods and the options for curb appeal aesthetics are bountiful. For example, Hardie board products features many colours and textures to choose from. Customers can enjoy a smooth or wood grain style at a fraction of the price and much less maintenance.

Wood Grain Style


Try as they might materials like aluminum or vinyl simply cannot emulate the look of wood. Whether it be from their natural gloss or the inability to print realistic grains on their surface faux wood vinyl siding is rarely believable far away, let alone up close. Fiber cement, on the other hand, is perhaps the most realistic option for a wood look without wood staining, repainting, and sealing. The texture of fiber cement has a natural wood feel and the grains can be produced as if they were formed over the years in the forest


Aesthetics and Design


In addition to the various colours and textures of the material itself, there are plenty of options in the actual shape and installation types for fiber cement board. Hardie Board features lap siding, shakes, or panels that can be installed as is or for the board and batten look. These aesthetics can be mixed and matched within the same project to create a totally unique look from a popular material. Fiber cement soffit and trim also add to the one-of-a-kind look that the product can create.


Fire Proof Rating


The fire resistance of fiber cement is great for the safety of your home and family but to get the most out of the investment the product has to last awhile. Because of how it is made, the fiber cement is impact resistant to damage by hail. Extreme heat and humidity can also wreak havoc on some siding types but the makeup of fiber cement makes it dimensionally stable and protected from being damaged in these conditions.


Vinyl siding can easily become melted when operating a barbecue grill. Likewise in the unfortunate event of a house fire all (untreated) cedar siding does is become fuel. Fiber cement components, on the other hand, are one hour, fire resistance rated and will not ignite under direct flame or heat. Fiber cement has a, flame spread rating of 0 and is a class 1 material which for comparison, so is Brick. 

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